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Thursday, May 22, 2008


If this hand were able,
surely it would paint my mind --
a sky shrouded with shades of gold, pink, and purple,
trailing the sunken sun.
The pinnacles attend a waltz with twilight,
while shadowed cascades of enchanted trees await
celestial Epiphany.

High above the earthly scene stands a man,
statuesque, cloaked in black, with eyes of light
piercing the shrouded sky.
Poised --
should the earth quake beneath him,
his posture would remain.

Enfolded, cradled in his arm, a woman -—
slender, in flowing gown of mystic white, with silken tresses
dancing in the ethereal breeze.
Her eyes, light averted from the world,
fall upon a child, a nymph,
bound by nothing but dreams,
dancing merrily,
with flowers in hands and hair,
beside an outstretched
and entreating palm.

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