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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Winds

The winds are blowing through here right now. I've been listening to them all night, and I felt them all day yesterday and I'm sure to feel them again today.

I was lying there, listening to them, thinking, "It's about time. In fact, they're overdue. How long have we been sitting here with nothing but sun and sky and air?" Same thing, day in and day out... day in and day out...

Nothing good comes from too much time at a stand still.

Some people call them change, I just call them Crazy Winds. Crazy because they stir up everything, specifically "the nothing good."

You see, change happens all the time, even at a standstill, because the lovely things like mold and mildew come from nothing good. Dust lands and settles and coats everything at a standstill, and things like that are a change of some sort, no matter how small. But the Crazy Winds, God bless them, they come in and tear the place up! They blow the dust around and they rip things apart and they move things around and limbs are falling, and those loose roof tiles are coming off, and the leaves you forgot to rake are disbursed everywhere, and there's tears in your eyes because of the flying particles of whatnot got into them when you were trying to see, and suddenly you find yourself working to get things in order, things you thought were going along just fine are suddenly flying about in the air and moving about and shifting about and requiring, no DEMANDING, your attention, all because these Crazy Winds decided to rock and roll their way through here and force you to pay attention to the details. They aren't some cliche, some attempt at poetic zephyrs of change, they are your call to action, to fix and repair those things you've let go to long, and to clean up the details and the dust in the corners, and to tie up loose ends. It's time for a make-over, for some personal training, and for a bit of soul searching and closet cleaning because... looks like those Crazy Winds blew out a skeleton or two and we can't have those lying about (someone might call the authorities).