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Friday, February 6, 2009

Waking up and remembering you didn't keep your promise...

So I haven't written in quite a while. And this one isn't going to count as writing-- not for me at least nor for the reader I made a promise to yesterday.

You see, she reads my blog religiously. She sometimes emails me with questions about them, or tells me of stories she relates too, or which ones made her laugh and which ones made her cry. A few weeks back she emailed me asking why I hadn't written in a while and she told me that she reads the blog because it gives her something else to think about (poor girl... reading my blog must be like reading the work of the student who refuses to do their homework until the panic over the grade sets in, meaning: it's hit or miss. Sometimes I'm right on target with that A+ and sometimes I hand ya a C-). At that point, some of the more tumultuous events of my life (the holidays...) were coming to an end and smoothing out so I vowed to write weekly (as I vow to myself weekly) and well... you see what's come of that.

I write now because just the other day the same girl made yet another comment to me about how I need to be writing on my blog, that it's over due (see... she even sounds like the teacher prompting the slack student to get her work in on time), and that she knows she's not the only disappointed reader. So yesterday, my response to her was a promise. I promised to write (because I had a great topic in my head and I had every intention to write it out) and if she didn't have a Mixed Number notice in her email the next morning she could take all of her anger and frustration out on me. Bad part is, this tripe I'm writing now is to make sure she gets a feed notice in her email. What's even worse is that, though she may crack a smile at this rambling, I know (like the teacher student scenario) she's basically going to hand this back to me and say, "Nice try. Now write the real thing." And worst of all, I have a feeling this lady has some seriously pent up frustrations she would just LOVE to blast on someone and well... I sorta put myself out there as a willing sponge and...

Yeah... I am such a slack student.

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