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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like Water

…and for some reason I have the words like water running through my head. I have to wonder why. What does this mean? [like water] It cleanses…, it purifies…, and yet I feel unclean and I am far from pure.

Like water, over and over inside my head. … on the brain, perhaps?

I feel heavy.

Water can be heavy.
If contained in a five gallon jug, it's nearly impossible to lift and place on a refrigerated dispenser without first spilling a gallon on the floor.

That's how I feel--like I need to spill a gallon on the floor.

I go for water and a measly four ounces dribble into my glass. My eyes stare at the five gallon jug on the floor and my mind says, "that's too much work." I drink my four ounces and I head for my shower.

Like water-- that's too much work, now flows through my head.
What the hell … ?

I step into my shower hoping the sense of cleanliness will cure me, but it doesn't. It's too much work to enjoy the pleasure of soft warm water running over my aching self. I force myself into the stream and I hurry about my business.
In complete silence, I shut the water off... and dry.

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