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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Challenge

You are standing on The Pinnacle,
in your mind.
You are facing The Setting Sun
and The Wind blows behind you.
How many hours have you been standing here?
How much time has been wasted wondering?
...about that leap of faith...
...that thrust toward greatness...
...that fear of failure...

The Specter says, "Don't quit your day job."
The Poet says, "I know why the caged bird sings."
Day jobs are sufficient for paying bills and clipping wings.

How beautiful it is to stand here, isn't it?
The Pinnacle in your mind...
What a view...
Such color... Such freedom... Such life...
That an endless amount of Sky...

So why don't you, Dreamer?
Take that step, that leap of faith.
Nothing lasts forever,
and you're running out of time.

Time is, after all, of the essence.
Time is everything and nothing,
all at once,
when suddenly your number is up.
And everyone's number is up,
in Time.

So, Dreamer, why don't you?
Why don't you do it...now?

Now is The Time,
with The Sun in your face
and The Wind at your back.

Now is The Time.
Live what you see,
stand on The Pinnacle,
and be That Person in your mind.

I dare you...

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