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Monday, December 14, 2009

Midnight At The Library

It was raining the other day. I usually tie my hair back into a tight bun when it rains so I can maintain a sense of professionalism, lest my hair flair out into a giant and uncontrollable afro. That particular morning, I was standing in the copy room and...

Cowboy: (walks into the copy room and hovers in the doorway staring at Pandora for a minute before moving further into the room) Hi Pandora.

Pandora: Hey Cowboy.

Cowboy: You got yo hair pulled back.

Pandora: Ya, it was raining out this morning so I pulled it back.

Cowboy: What’s rain got to do with it?

Pandora: My hair gets fluffy in the rain.

Cowboy: What’s wrong with that?

Pandora: Everything

Cowboy: Everything?

Pandora: Yes, Cowboy, everything.

Cowboy: Well okay then, Pandora. You do what you want.

Pandora: Thanks, I will.

The next morning I was at the copy machine and Cowboy walked in again.

Cowboy: Mornin’ Pandora.

Pandora: Good Morning, Cowboy.

Cowboy: Glad to see you got yo hair down today.

Pandora: Yep

Cowboy: That’s good.

Pandora: Good.

Cowboy: I couldn’t take it if you walked in today like Midnight At The Library.

Pandora: What? Did you just say midnight at the library?

Cowboy: Yes, mam. Got yo hair pulled back like that looks like you spending midnight at the library and that don’t look good on you, Pandora. You ain’t no librarian. (pats me on the shoulder as he starts to leave the room) Now you remember what good ole Cowboy says: no mo midnights at the library.

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