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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Popping Puppets From The Hip

Well... I hate the puppet show anyway, but watching the Republican Primaries has been one of the most ridiculous puppet shows I've seen in a while.  And really, for a group of educated "successful" men, one would think they could be smart enough to out manipulate the manipulators, but they can't, or don't, or won't.  They just play right into it, with the exception of Ron Paul (the media seems to treat him like the nerdy kid that no one really wanted on the team but the teachers made them put him on the team and so they do their best to just pretend he's not there and make sure we all watch when the other dumb jocks on the team poke fun at him and his ideas).

In my mind's eye, when I think of this group of four Presidential Contenders, I'm seeing little more than a group of kindergartners playing in the sand box.  When the whistle blows, Newt and Mit are shoving and punching each other in an attempt to be first in line at the water fountain, Santorum is walking politely behind them, and Little Ron Paul is still sitting in the corner of the sandbox with his Star Wars action figures as OB-1 telling Skywalker to use The Force.  And these guys think they're going to win the election of 2012?  Sorry republican party... your future is looking pretty grim.

The best thing that ever happened to Newt was his bold response to John King's question about his ex-wife saying, "I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for office, and I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that."  He got a standing ovation on that one, and I applaud him as well.  He's not my favorite, but he was at that moment speaking the words of so many of us that sit here and watch this stupid puppet show in an attempt to sift through lies and find the truth and figure out who the hell is really running this country and if we're ever going to get out of this messed up state we're in right now.  I think that moment alone, for good or for ill, will forever implant a more positive image of Newt in the minds of the people. (at least the people that aren't easily swayed by the rhetoric of the news media and the underlying socialist movement)

I'm not sure what to say about Romney in terms of shining moments.  It's really difficult to have faith in the guy that lost to the guy that lost to the man who won the Presidential Election in 2008.  Really Republicans?  You think that's a good game plan?  But still, I do think Romney is an excellent business man.  Oh yes, the media (as well as some of his fellow republicans because they are well manipulated by the puppet masters) are doing a fine job of using Occupier rhetoric and painting him "the vulture capitalist," but in an economy where our entire nation looks like a business that is about to go bankrupt and go under, where we owe more money to China than anywhere else, it might behoove America to have a "vulture capitalist" in office for a while.  The man knows his stuff, when it comes to business and finance.  Hell... take a look at his tax returns?  Dude has that down to a science!  Even the tax law professors from Georgetown University and Duke were in awe of what they saw.  His returns were in 100% compliance with the law and his extremely low tax rate is based upon the bulk of his income stemming out of investments, not wages -- because investments boost the economy and by tax code policy, investments are rewarded for this via lower tax rate.  I suspect the media will find some way to focus on his millions as a "bad capitalist pig" moment and his low tax rate as "how unfair to the rest of the world," but what they should do is say, "Wow!  This man knows his stuff!  Please!  Help the United States get out of debt!  PLEASE HELP US REDUCE THE DEFICIT!" But they won't, and neither will most of you because you'll be just as mesmerized by the puppet show as most of the "sheeple" in the United States that go to the polls once every four years.

I really have nothing to say about Santorum aside from, he's just not going to make the cut.  And he may have some really good things to offer, but he's already outshined by Newt and Romney, and if those two are constantly stealing his spotlight, there is no way he's going to hold up against the Charisma Machine called Obama.  Sorry, Santorum, nice guys finish last.

Ron Paul...  Best thing that ever happened to him was New Hampshire, because it's the state where Independents are allowed to take part in the primaries (something ALL states should allow, btw).  Coming in second behind Romney was a shock to most puppet show supporters because it sent a strong, yet subtle, message: THERE IS AN ENTIRE COUNTRY OF PEOPLE THAT THINK FOR THEMSELVES THAT THE MEDIA IS QUICK TO IGNORE, WHICH IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORST MISTAKE ANY POLITICIAN AND/OR MEDIA MOGUL COULD MAKE.  These Independents may still not have enough power and momentum to change the way Washington and their Media Mistress do things, but a few more years of this ridiculous charade and something different is going to come in to play.  These people support Individual Liberty, which is something neither democrats or republicans seem to adhere to these days (a complaint I've had against the republicans for quite some time now, as they morph closer to the center and socialist regime with their fellow democrats while they distract the rest of their supporters with pro-life and family values rhetoric and pray for the evangelical vote).  The problem for Ron Paul is that he has no solid foreign policy that would really work and... he looks like he needs to eat a few more steaks and take some calcium supplements, and someone needs to coach him to speak from somewhere other than his nose.  Again, I don't think the guy stands a chance against the Obama Sway.

Sorry republicans.  I'm sure this isn't a popular view among you, but I think your party is doomed.  If Romney wins the nomination, you're going to see anti wealthy rhetoric Occupier style, all over the place, as well as (though we do live in the Freedom Of Religion country) a slew of rhetoric against his Mormon faith. I do see that coming down the pipe, and he's going to take a big hit on that one.  And if Newt gets the nomination, he may have enough character and gusto to rise above and take some heavy punches and hang in with the people who support him, but he is, in all reality, a problematic character (there is that whole ethical problem about lying to congress about funding of certain projects and having to pay a fine and just barely escaping a full expulsion from Congress itself... that is more problematic in terms of governing people than whether or not he cheated on his wife, in my opinion).  And Obama, like it or not, is one of the best orators we've had in office since Reagan.  He has the ability to move people with words, and this... is why he will win.

P.S. My take on Obama Sway is up next... stay tuned....

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