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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Timing Is Everything

So yesterday morning I’m sitting at my desk and Mr. Toenail’s phone starts going off. 

At this point, I have heard enough of his recent conversations to know that this is the ringtone of his latest bedroom interest. 

Just as the phone starts going off, some passerby whose voice I don’t recognize says, “Hello Toenail!” (of course, he doesn’t really call him Toenail… that’s my name for the dolt) 

Toenail, though, has answered his phone just as Passerby says hello, so all Passerby hears in response is this low and somewhat sultry voice respond back to him with, “…well hello….” To which I can hear Passerby stop in his tracks, just outside Toenail’s cubicle wall, and respond with, “Uh… what?” 

Right then Toenail says, again in a low and sultry voice, “…and I was just thinking about you… hmmm…” Passerby then gets almost hostile and steps into his cube doorway saying, “You were what?!” 

I can at this point hear Mr. Toenail turn around rapidly in his chair, shocked by the sudden entrance of hostile Passerby who must feel somewhat violated until he realizes that Toenail hasn’t been talking to him at all and he walks away embarrassed as I start falling out of my chair silently laughing because… that was the best Monday Morning Moment I’ve had in a while.

Sometimes it is good to sit next to a dolt like Toenail.

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