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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pandora, Perfectionism, And Mr. Murphy's Stupid Law

I believe, right now, that I am cursed. I have been cursed for days. Thankfully, I'm not cursed by some crazy gypsy lady who wishes my soul be damned to the pits of Hell, but I am cursed none-the-less.

What curses me, you ask? A project. A stupid power point project that I have been working on for days and days and days.

Really, considering the amount of research I had to do for the thing, it has consumed me for weeks now. Last Friday night I had recurring nightmares about the thing -- I kept dreaming that I was presenting the final draft to my boss when I realized the contents of the slides contained elements of my personal life that should not be shared in a work environment. Aaaaa!!!

Aside from dominating my subconscious, the thing has interrupted the flow of my imagination and my creativity. All of the energy I would much rather spend on coming up with something quick witted and somewhat humorous has been spent on placing words on pages in the form a narration about land and land rights (though, I'd have to say, the narrative is worthy of the Discovery Channel, should the producers find they lack material and need to fill a time slot with something no one really cares to know).

Seriously... I am now sitting here in a coffee induced insomniac fit because I came home from work tonight thinking I would finish it up with just enough polish and style to bring it back to work first thing tomorrow morning and be done with it. I would be able to pass the thing off to the people in charge of the visuals and let it go, but no... the damn thing mocks me!

For whatever reason, all the work I sent to my home computer is now lost; "the path" to the file "cannot be found" and I sit here writing in this blog because Murphy's Law has decided to fuck with me and leave me hanging!

Deadlines are looming over my head and tomorrow, when I was so looking forward to leaving this stupid thing behind, I will be sitting at my desk, yet again, perfecting the thing while simultaneously juggling the duties (or at least fooling myself into thinking I'm juggling the duties) of my day to day cubicle confines.

And you are sitting there reading this stupid post and thinking, "She hasn't written anything for days and now I have to read about this stupid thing that I know nothing about nor do I really care or would I care if I even had the chance to care about it." Power Point?! We don't need no stinking Power Point!

Yes, actually, we do. But... instead... we are going to go lie down in our bed and stare at the ceiling and occasionally look at the clock and see how long it takes to fall asleep before the alarm goes off.

All Work And No Play Makes Pandora A Dull Girl. Oh yes, and Wendy, I'm home! Where's the axe?!! Redrum! Redrum!

And to think, I stayed up in prime graduate student style for nothing.

Damn, this is worse than the time I drove out to the school and slipped my final paper under the professor's door at 4:00 a.m. just to keep my "A."

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