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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

If you read the post My Craft Is Words, then, if nothing else, you will see my point.

I exit the elevator and step out onto the floor, my hands full of pumpkin bread. As I head to my desk to put everything down before I head out on my search to find out where I'm to leave the baked goods, well, the following will explain it all:

Ladies Man: (stops in his tracks) What's this, Pandora? You actually baked something?

Pandora: Yes, yes I did.

Ladies Man: (smirks) Can you even cook?

Pandora: Don't get excited. It came from a box.

Ladies Man: Damn it, Pandora! You just ruined it for me! I was about to put you in goddess category but now I'm not even going to eat that!

Pandora: Shut up. Besides, in what mythological tale have you ever read about a goddess that cooks.

Ladies Man: Huh... Good point.

I drop my bag and such at my desk and back out of my cube to see Sugar walking down the hall with a cart full of bake sale stuff.
Sugar: Oh my god! You baked something?

Pandora: Yes.

Sugar: Oh my god! You never do anything for these things!

Pandora: Yes... I'm well aware of that.

Sugar: Is it good?

Pandora: It came from a box that Trader Joe's puts out, so I suspect it is, yes.

Sugar: Bah ha ha ha ha ha! Well, Trader Joe's is good stuff, as long as you didn't burn it or something.

Pandora: Well, I see you pushing a cart, what did you bake?

Sugar: Girl, I don't bake for this shit! Pushing the cart and helping set up is as good as it gets.

Pandora: Yes, well, while you're making fun of my boxed baking abilities, cart pusher, can you tell me where I'm supposed to put this?

Sugar: No idea really. I was told to go down the hall here and I would see it.

So I start walking down the hall and see Ms. Guilt Trip.

Ms. Guilt Trip: (gigantic smile) Good morning Pandora! You didn't forget!

Pandora: (thankful she didn't notice/care I didn't have a cheese cake in my hand) Nope, thanks to your last minute reminder.

Ms. Guilt Trip: (still smiling) You can put it on the table over there.

So I place it on the table right by the pumpkin bread label. As I start to walk away I notice Santino, who has basically been my mentor all this time, fooling around in an ice chest at the far end of the table.

Pandora: What? Are you contributing to this too Santino?

Santino: (in his Brooklynese) Well ya! I do it every year. Pumpkin Ice Cream. You bring sumthin in Pandora?

Pandora: Yeah, I made some pumpkin bread.

Santino: Really? Dats not yer style. (he looks at the table and I point to it) Any good?

Pandora: I made an extra batch for my daughter. She thinks it is.

Santino: Huh. Who'd a thought Pandora woulda bake sumthin.

Pandora: Yes, that seems to be the topic of conversation this morning.

So I went back to my desk, checked my emails and my voice messages, organized the to do list for the day, and after about twenty minutes I went to the bake sale intending to taste my own bread. When I got there, all of it was gone. I could only assume that meant it was a pass. The afternoon came and went. Around 4:30 everyone started to head home and no one had said a word until...

Santino: Eh! Pandora!

Pandora: (turns around) What's up?

Santino: I'm headin' home. Just wanted you to know I ate sum of dat bread you baked. You done good, Kid. Dat was sum good stuff. Have a nice weekend, eh?

Pandora: (smiles) Thanks, Santino. You do the same.

So... it may not have been from scratch, but the mentor wouldn't lie to me (he makes no bones about telling me where and when I've messed up) so I know it was good. I also know, it was a historical moment in the Land Department. Pandora, even if it was from a box, showed, if nothing else, some half-assed home-making skills. ;-)

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