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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nudiest Nudist of Nudism

So...  About that title there...
I've been getting a lot of hits on my blog lately.  I do get excited when I see that the more I write the more people stop by and check it out and, if I'm lucky enough to truly capture their interest more than once, they subscribe.
So I was checking my "stats" the other day and I noticed that some of the "key words" that were used in search engines that linked to my blog were as follows:
nudist family
family nudist
penis shirt
As I'm sure you can imagine, I did sit there and stare for quite some time thinking, "...the hell?" And in fact, as intelligent as I may be, it took several more times of me staring, before I realized the connection: Twisted Christmas  
That was the rant I did about the pictures that went through one of my email accounts over the holidays, and I made comments about the nudies in there, as well as the idiot in the penis shirt.  Apparently those comments were enough to send anyone to my blog when they happened to be on a search to either a) stare at pictures of nudist families online or b) purchase a penis shirt.

Needless to say, I'm not overly excited about this.  As much as I do like to see more traffic directed to my blog, I'm not exactly sure people that are basically looking to take a peek at the nudist world are what I would consider my target audience (and the same goes for anyone looking to buy a t-shirt with the word penis on it somewhere).  I mean, I'm not exactly the most politically correct person when I'm on here.  To your face?  Sure...  Behind the protection of my computer?  I'm gonna say it like it is and well, people trolling the Internet to look for nudist this or nudist that... pretty sure they aren't nudists themselves (because, I may be wrong, but it seems to me most nudists know where to find people like themselves because, well... they're nudists, they live in a colony or some shit like that).  In fact, I'm pretty sure these people accidentally landing on my blog are just idiots looking to see some naked flesh because they just can't get enough (or perhaps they can't get any) in their personal life.  And I do find it somewhat ironic that they somehow landed on my blog because, well, obviously, from my title above here, I'm basically baiting these fuckers in so they can look at my artistic representation of what I think of their "interests" and read my words of ... oh, I don't know, I can't really call it disgust because I'm not disgusted exactly... disgusted would sound a lot worse than what I've been writing so far... so... how about we call it my words of wry candor.

I can only imagine how disappointed they must've been -- linked to my Twisted Christmas blog after their hot and heavy search for naked nudies and their families.  I even conducted my own search to find out how far back in the search engine one had to go to even get linked to my blog and you know what?  It was FAR FAR FAR back in the search which leaves me to think they quite possibly landed on my post after peeking at every nudist on the Internet first (which, not that I looked because I didn't dare click on any of those stupid links for fear of attracting some terrible zacklies to my computer that I don't want, but there is an ENTIRE WORLD of online nudist colonies).  And who knows, maybe the idiots got SUPER excited when they saw the words, "family nudist" right next to "mixed number."  I'm sure, with minds that dwell in the gutter, that got their attention, even after thousands of sites with real nudies, my blog must have surely had something SOOPER HOT!  (you like the phonetic spelling there?  Did that help you out?)

So, after thinking about this whole thing for quite some time, I decided that I would do these yin yangs a little favor and give them a little something something to drool over.  How you like it so far?  I'm no artist, but this is some of my best work.  And it really did take some time and effort on my part.  I mean, these aren't your average run of the mill stick figures here.  I mean, the girl trying to hide herself in the shower, that really took some skill.  And well, look at the hooters on that one!  I'm surprised I didn't need to hire a model to get something that accurate down on paper.  And my personal favorite?  The nudist family below.  (I did ask them if I could censor certain parts because, well, I'm trying to at least keep things somewhere between PG-13 and R around here.  They said it was fine, but they just wanted me to make sure you understood those are barrels they're covering up with, not water melons.  Water melons would be weird.)
Thanks for stopping by!  Tell a friend!  We've got the Nudiest Nudists of Nudism in town!  

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