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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Dark Office Day

So, my administrative assistant is quitting.  This upsets me. I'm happy for her because she found something better, but damn... she was great.  And it isn't my fault she's quitting.  She doesn't work for me directly.  If she did, she might have stayed.  But she works for my boss and just performs some supportive roles for me and some of the other agents, but man... what a loss!  She was so perfect!  She knew which people needed to speak to me right away and she knew which ones were just idiots and she knew which pens (the Uniball Vision Elite!) I specifically used (which she was kind enough to put in a special order for me before she leaves this week because she knows the new hire probably won't do it for me).  And she was the one that sat there and heard everyone's office dirt and tipped me off when I needed a tip off and served as a vault when I needed a vault.  THAT IS SO VALUABLE!  SO VALUABLE!!!!

I knew this day would come because she was too smart to be there in the first place, but still...  I feel the void.  I FEEL THE VOID!!!

Mr. Toenail sits between my cubicle and hers.  In a matter of days she will be gone and I will have NO ONE to send a message to saying something like, "Did you hear what that idiot just said about delirium tremors?"  Or "...the hell midlife crisis shirt is he wearing today?!"

I won't be able to say things like, "Cowboy just came in here and thrust his pelvis at me and I need to throw up now."

I won't be able to call her up at ten minutes to 8 and say, "Look, my daughter fell asleep in the shower and now I'm running behind.  Can you cover for me until I get there?"

The administrative assistant is such an under rated position.  It truly is a valuable spot in any business.  When I worked for the mortgage company, we used to call them the gatekeepers because we knew they were the biggest obstacle to get through when you needed to talk to the person on the other side, and the person on the other side, if he or she was worth their salt, KNEW their gatekeeper was an excellent read on people and who was allowed to get through and who was not.  She was that and so much more.  And I know she loved us all.  If our boss had just treated her right, treated her like the intelligent human being that she is, she may not have left us.

I know not everyone wants to be a professional administrative assistant, but having one that stays with you and knows you and knows your quirks and knows your strengths as well as your weaknesses is something you just can't find every day.  And she supported our boss, but she also supported me and about 20 others.  And she knew all of us, ALL OF US, inside and out.  She knew when Mr. Toenail was legitimately having a struggle and she knew when he was faking it.  She knew when I needed a pep talk and she knew when I was on top of my game.  She knew when the best of my colleagues were up and she knew when they needed a little support and she made sure to touch base with people like me to make sure I helped them out here and there as well, and she did all of that because her position there was so much more than what was written on paper.  so valuable... just so valuable...

If only our boss had seen that.  If only she would've been given credit where credit was due by The Powers That Be.  But that's not how it went down.  And now, even though she's off to better things for herself, the rest of the office staff mourns.

It is a dark day in our department.  But... I know we all wish her nothing but the best, because she deserves it.

I will weep silently in my cubicle for days.
She was one of my greatest friends and allies.
She will be missed.

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