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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunshine And Lollipops

To write a little something would be good,
she said,
but the same stupid metaphors leave me
outplayed, outspoken, outthought.

Things like: shedding skin, wearing thin, waiting to begin...

Uh... yeah... that's nauseating.

Suddenly we hear someone saying, "Pardon me, but would you mind putting a bullet through this diaphanous head?"

Diaphanous... that's a fifty-center.

And speaking of stupid metaphors and similes,
I can't get these army ants and worker bees out of my head.
And the government is like a ten pound rock that's still too hefty to lift.
Oh to skip that stupid stone halfway across the greatest of the lakes and watch it sink.

Bitter is the center of the tongue and sweet is the tip, with a bit of salty on the side. All it takes is one good lick to taste it all and then chase it down with something potent -- a little tokillya would do the trick.

I'm not always sunshine and lollipops,
she said.
But wouldn't it be nice if she were.

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