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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunshine Blues

Pandora is sitting in her cubicle, feeling the weight of the world, or... at least what she feels to be the world at the time because depression is hard and heavy.

Sunshine: Aw yeah... Pandora in the house!

Pandora: (turns around from the computer screen) Hey there.

Sunshine: What it do?!

Pandora: it does...

Sunshine: It does?  What the hell is that shit?

Pandora: (shrugs) it is what it is... How are you?

Sunshine: Better than you, I guess.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Haven't seen you in forever and all I get is "it is what it is..."  I hate it when you say that, by the way.  I hate that stupid saying.

Pandora: Well... it's the truth.  Nothing I can do about it right now.

Sunshine: Girl... you driving me crazy with that shit.  You still unhappy?

Pandora: ...I wouldn't say unhappy, just... you know how it gets... things are heavy sometimes.

Sunshine: Oh... you got that physical sensation going on.

Pandora: Yes, exactly.  The weight that can't really be described.

Sunshine: I hate that shit!  And aint no telling when that shit is going away.  One day you wake up and it's gone, but no telling when that day is.

Pandora: bingo

Sunshine: I know what you need, you need to hear some jokes.  Laughing is good when you in that space.  You ready for a joke?

Pandora: I could use a laugh.

Sunshine: Okay.  Here it is: There's this girl, she's really thin, probably like 120 pounds, and then there's her friend who's probably like 300 pounds.  And the skinny girl... well... I don't know if that's skinny, but the girl who's like 120 pounds says they need to go to the pool and she's going to put on her bikini.  And the girl who's 300 pounds says, "Okay.  I'm going to go put on my betweenie!"

Pandora: ...

Sunshine: BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!  Idn't that just funny?!

Pandora: ...

Sunshine: ...you don't think that's funny?

Pandora: Well, I didn't really know that was the end of the joke.  I thought there was something else coming after "betweenie."

Sunshine: Damn... My delivery must be bad cuz I think that shit's hilarious.  I ain't no skinny chic, so... I get the betweenie thing.  Ain't no bikini for girl's like me, that shit falls in the cracks so.. that's funny as hell to me.

Pandora: Sorry, guess my head just isn't in the game.

Sunshine: Nah... My delivery is bad.  I'm sure there's more to that joke, but I always forget the inbetween things, I only remember punch lines.  I just know someone told me that joke and I laughed, but I can't remember exactly how the joke goes.  Has to be my delivery, cuz I know you, you woulda laughed if I'd told it right.

Pandora: Yeah... This is what I heard: there's a skinny girl and there's a fat girl and the skinny girl puts on a bikini and the fat girl puts on a betweenie and then you started laughing.

Sunshine: BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Cuz it's frickin' hilarious!  Oh my god... Pandora... I can't believe you aint laughin at that shit right there.

Pandora: ...

Sunshine: Okay, how about this one: Why was Robin Hood's best friend Little John?

Pandora: I don't know.  Why?

Sunshine: Because everyone needs a porto potty in the forest!  BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pandora: ...

Sunshine: Don't you get it?  a little JOHN in the forest?!

Pandora: I get it.

Sunshine:... but you don't think it's funny...

Pandora: I love you, though.

Sunshine: Damn it, Pandora!  You all funkified and shit!

Pandora: true, but even if I weren't funkified, I'm not sure I'd be laughing at those jokes.

Sunshine: It's my delivery, isn't it.

Pandora: probably... and... might be content too, but... that one's still up in the air.  We'll have to try this again in a few weeks.

Sunshine: a'right.  I'm outta here, Lady.  Just wanted to stop by and say 'sup.

Pandora: 'sup

Sunshine gives Pandora a hug and it's back to work, or... at least back to staring at the computer screen.

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