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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Expressive Cad Files

So, have you ever wondered what your life looks like to one of your engineer friends?  If you're like me, you have, because most of the time (as much as you love them) you are always wondering if they really get it.  Today, as I did my best to explain to my engineer friend what I was going through, she suddenly sent me this:

This is my experience in the last week and a half to my engineer friend via cad file.  (cad file is something only a certain group of you will know)  I'd have to say she did a pretty nice job on the chi chis, though I do despise the fact that the woman that is stabbing me in the back has better chi chis than I do, particularly since hers are purchased and mine are aux natural.  I would still have to say, she did an excellent job and these are better stick figures than I could create on my own.  The one part she was unable to represent was the part where my nerves are so shot I've been throwing up for no good reason for the past five days.  (leave it to an engineer to forget to represent the part where one's emotions  overrule logic and reason to the point of vomiting in a toilet bowl approximately a pound a day for no good reason aside from the fact that your jacked up world is gray, not black and white). 

I will, however, cherish forever that this is a time stamp in my life and done via cad file.  I just pray that I don't accidentally open this bullshit up in a business meeting when I meant to open the file for the Power Rd. Project instead.  

(god knows... even metaphorically speaking... this is nothing like Power Road...)

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