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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eerie Street

Nobody's seeing nobody,
yet nobody's free
Nobody's hurting nobody... cuz
nobody's saying a thing.

Ya sure, you're waking up lonely,
but at least you can breathe.
There's always you in the mirror,
even if you can't see.

And all that you wanted
was somebody to share.
Pack up your heart, Dear,
and tell somebody who cares.

Ya sure, you wish you were faded,
but drinking ain't cheap.
And ya sure, you'd rather be laughing but...
you can't get nothing for free.

Nobody's loving nobody...
past themselves they can't see.
Ain't no love going on here
when You're all that You need.

And all that you wanted
was to spread some new wings.
Open your eyes, Dear,
and set yourself free.

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