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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Growing Pains

All right, so there is a new website for this in the works.  It's not completed yet, but it is nearly ready.  I am extremely excited about this and it feels like a commitment of some kind, to myself, and one that I've never made before.  Strange part is, while I'm waiting for this, I seem to have lost my inspiration.  It's like I've fallen off the wagon or something and I'm waiting to get back on my feet before I know that I will be going on the long distance run of my life.  Bear with me.

Writing is the one true thing that makes me happy and feeds my soul.  Writing... is the one dream I have left.  Making you laugh, making you cry, making you angry, and making you have the sappiest warm fuzzies here and there that make you puke even as you enjoy them makes me the happiest person on Earth (at least in my own mind).

Again, I say, bear with me.  And... dream with me too, because ... dreaming and chasing the dream down is what makes life beautiful.

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