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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes... The Sun...

Sometimes you don't know what to say...

Sometimes silence is enough, you suppose...

Sometimes listening is all that someone needs,
but when you love people,
when you love your friends,
you just want to say that one thing that will help them turn that corner,
help them see that light, help them realize that hope...

But then you remember that sometimes nothing can be said, sometimes all that is needed is a presence...
a presence in the darkness...
a presence like a small bit of light,
a simple candle in the pitch,
a simple glow,
a silent flame with a crackling flicker to remind them you're there.

You remember... that was all you needed too.

So you hold your tongue.

So you listen.

So you cry when they cry
you ask why when they ask why
you know what that's like,
and you ride the roller coaster with them
there's nothing to do but ride that ride
and pray it stays on the tracks because...
everyone needs to come out of this alive...

And when you get off that ride,
when you're both standing there at the exit
a little out of breath from shock and awe,
you realize that your friend is likely to sink back into the dark
because you're the only glow of light they have,
and so...
you turn around and say --

What happened this morning when you got up?

And when they stare at you because they're too lost to remember, you say...

...the sun came up...

And when they stare at you a bit confused
you look at them and say...

Guess what happens tomorrow?

And when they stare at you because they're still too lost to know what happens tomorrow, you say...

...the sun is coming up...

And when they continue to stare at you because they could care less,
because the rising of the sun means nothing to them at that moment, you say...

You have a life to live,
and no matter how much you hurt,
...there is always the sun...
and just like you,
the rising sun is beautiful
and you... you will keep rising, just like the sun...
and that, my friend, is beautiful.

And when they give you a hug
knowing you said that because you love them
and they really don't give a shit about the sun
today or tomorrow
you walk away knowing
you will be there tomorrow,
just like the sun,
and you will listen
and you will love
and one day they will look at you and say:

"Remember the time you made that stupid comment about the Sun? ... Thank you."

And then you remember that someone once made that same stupid comment about the Sun to you
and then you remember that you need to thank them too.

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