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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Egg & The Bull Shit Artist

I just had another one of those moments where I deleted everything I just wrote.  I really hate it when I do that.  And the worst part about this one is that I'm pretty sure what I just deleted was pretty funny, I'm pretty sure you would have laughed.  I'm really not sure why I deleted it except for that I felt like I was missing the point, or maybe there just wasn't a point, or maybe my point just wasn't as good as the stuff leading up to it.  I'm not sure, but I think that's called bull shit -- when the stuff leading up to the point is more impressive than the point itself.  Yes, that is definitely the definition of bull shit.  

I supposed I just could've left it the way it was and then titled the thing The Bull Shit Artist.  

I've dated a few of those -- Bull Shit Artists.  In fact, I was married to one for a while.  Of course, that's one of the main reasons we're divorced (well, not the main reason, but a big player in the reason... he was a great bull shitter all the way up until he tried to get his point across and then... his point failed... particularly when he tried to convince me that the lady next door was really more interested in becoming a good friend of mine instead of his personal bedroom playmate)

The main problem with the Bull Shit Artist is that they always underestimate your intelligence.

(...the idiot...)

I don't underestimate your intelligence though, which is probably why I do things like delete the bull shit I just wrote.  I am, happy to say, no Bull Shit Artist.  Although, I suppose we could make a case for this entire post being nothing but Bull Shit.  Pretty sure it wouldn't pass for art though.

Anyway, I do have this really funny picture that I was going to use for the post I just deleted.  I'll go ahead and put it in so you can see.  I did have this Easter Egg thing going on, but I guess at some point I started asking myself why I thought it necessary to write an Easter Egg post.  I had this whole moment in my head where I was like, "um... why are you writing a holiday post?  seriously... why are you doing that?  that's too cutesy... do you want to be cutesy?  ...since when do you go cutesy on everybody?  DON'T DO THAT!  DELETE!!!"

It made me think of this scene I saw in a movie one time (I think it was Nine Months) and Jeff Goldblum was an artist and his buddy had just told him his painting was good enough to be hung up in a hotel room and so the Goldblum character threw the painting off a bridge.  I don't remember much of that movie, but I never forgot that scene.  I completely relate to that moment.  I have so many pieces of writing, academically and otherwise, that I would throw off the bridge and into the sea.

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