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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Online Poker Table Talk

setting: Briguystx just won the hand, knocking out two dumb people who went all in. Doughnut had apparently been booted by the system before calling the bet and returns to the table in a bad mood. Agent58 gets religious. Pandora, well ... the following chat is what took place:

Doughnut -- Stupid fuckin system booted me! I hate this stupid site! It sucks! Stupid fuckin pop ups always booting right as I had a stellar hand!

Agent58 -- (who currently holds 7,000+ in her bank roll) Calm down.

Doughnut -- What?! Don't tell me to calm down!! I had a stellar hand and I was just about to go all in Brig! But then I got booted! I had two jacks and two tens, bro!

Pandora -- Probably good you didn't go all in then.

Briguystx -- lol... yeah, probably.

Pandora -- Brig's full house killed the other two all ins. I'd consider it divine intervention if I were you.

Agent58 -- (who now has 9,000+ in her bank roll) A calm spirit breeds peace while a bitter soul dries up the bones... Proverbs 17:22.

Briguystx -- Amen!

Doughnut -- What the hell?

Pandora -- In other words, your bad mood gives you and all of us osteoporosis.

Briguystx -- Lol!

Agent58 -- What do you mean, a bad mood gives osteoporosis? Is that your perspective?

Pandora -- No, that's your perspective.

Agent58 -- That's not my perspective!

Pandora -- You just said, with your little proverb, that a bitter soul dries up the bones. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes brittle bones that break easily, hence Doughnut's bad mood = brittle bones = Osteoporosis.

Agent58 -- (who now has 11,000 in her bank roll and at this point I'm wondering how this dumb girl wins like that) I guess that's your perspective.

Pandora -- lol... I think you're missing it. I was just elaborating on your proverb.

Agent58 -- it's okay, I won't argue with you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Pandora -- ...

Briguystx -- Lol! Bitter doughnuts and broken bones!

Pandora -- It's all good Agent58. :-) (meaning, please shut up now before I get more interested in schooling you than playing poker)

Doughnut -- A baker, a doctor, and a preacher all walk into a bar. What kind of bar is it?

Pandora -- The kind of bar where the baker, the doctor, and the preacher can all get drunk together in perfect peace and harmony while reading the book of Proverbs.

Agent58 -- (who now has 13,000 points in her bank roll) UR Bad, Pandora!

Pandora -- And you're winning. I'll stop talking now.


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